Sunday, July 28, 2013

The sappy, sad love song...

I was wondering the other day about sad love songs and WHY OH WHY we all love listening to them! I’m not on my own here am I? We all go through sad love song stages, and not just when we’re broken hearted ourselves.

I’ll put it out there and say that sometimes, when I’m by myself, I like to listen to a good old sad love ballad of the 90’s on high volume and on repeat a few times!

OMMG, I can not believe I just told you that!

My theory is that sad love songs allow us to access that emotion within us that we generally try and stifle as we go about our day-to-day lives.

A classic example – Something difficult is going on in your life but you have to go to work and do the other things you do and you don’t want your family and friends to worry so you suck up the sad feeling and get on with things. The problem resolves itself in time and you feel fine again BUT in the mean time you’ve shut a certain amount of sad feeling up inside of you! A very natural thing to do really!

Bring on the sad love ballad and you’ll probably find that even though your relationship is rock solid, your dog hasn’t died and your family aren’t driving you crazy you’ll still get enough involved in the song to feel that sad feeling and THUS…. RELEASE IT FROM CAPTIVITY WITHIN YOU!!!

The sad love song is the perfect outlet for the sad feeling!!!!

Another perfect example of musical goodness!


  1. Great post Alli - I know exactly what you are talking about! Oh boy do I have some good music for you....was given an old radio hard drive recently - it includes some goodies and some real baddies but we'll love belting them out together real soon!

    Your friend - Lolly Gobble x

  2. wow! would love to have a listen anonymous... haha, don't be embarrassed about revealing the sad love song truth - we are girls, we all do it x

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