Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Looking for advice on MELODIC INTONATION THERAPY...

Ok, so this one's just for the music therapists out there, and more specifically for those of you who have experience in using Melodic Intonation Therapy or Modified Melodic Intonation therapy.

I'd like some ideas on how to 'mix-up' the sessions a bit in order to keep the momentum going.

I'm currently running a MMIT program. We work on our musical phrases every session and my client works on them in his spare time but I'd like to also incorporate some complimentary interventions to make the process more enjoyable (whilst continuing to help the neurological regeneration). Our rehab journey is proving to be long and I don't want him to give up.

Obviously not all interventions you have used will suit his needs but please throw me some ideas and hopefully I'll be able to adapt some of them to make our sessions more motivational - thanks in advance!


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