Saturday, February 15, 2014

The vibration of the heart chakra.... silly hippy or simple science???

I was recently asked what "AH - the vibration of the heart chakra" actually means. Not in an airy, fairy, hippy, crunchy, earth mama kind of way but in words of SIMPLE SCIENCE!

And truly, it IS simple science.

1) Lets start with what the body is at it's most basic level - a bunch of molecules vibrating around each other (we learnt that in high school - it's indisputable). Hence we actually aren't one solid mass of flesh, organs and other working parts - we ARE vibrational energy!

2) Now, vibrations can happen at different speeds.  We've all seen the picture of what the sound wave looks like...

The vibrations of low frequency (slow) speed waves create low pitched sounds and the vibrations of high frequency (fast) speed waves make high pitched sounds... still following??

This explains how different vibrations create different pitched sounds.

3) Next, the body is full of different types of textures, densities, water levels, tissue types, functioning  levels, mass etc and thus different parts of the body create different vibrations, in turn creating different sounds. (You'd need an excellent set of headphones to hear them but vibrations still do make sounds whether you can hear them or not!)

4) The main 'vibrational headquarters' of the body are called chakras - there are 7 major ones and each of these chakras create their own very distinct sound. Usually when we see pictures of the chakras it's in colourful illustrations (see above and below left), as opposed to scientific-looking text book like diagrams (see below right), which is why of lot of folks instantly think "airy, fairy, hippy, crunchy, earth mama" instead of "wow - it really is basic science"!

5) When we produce the sound 'AH', (as in poke out your tongue and say....), we are creating a sound wave that matches the sound wave of the heart chakra (the vibrational mass that happens where your heart is.

And THAT is why "AH" is a vibration of the heart chakra!

One of the great things about having this knowledge (now that you do) is how simple it is to use it to benefit your own health well-being. Unfortunately, however, in a bid to keep my posts short so I continue to do them, that, my OMMG friends, is a topic for next time :)

Stay tuned...

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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I have the same thought on these very points of yours. But to understand this topic one need to know definitely how to open your chakras


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