Monday, May 5, 2014

Music Therapy at Camp Quality

My Saturday this weekend was an absolute cracker - running music therapy groups at Camp Quality!

It was SO much fun. We rapped, we stomped, we clapped, we drummed, we danced, we strummed - we even prepared to deliver my baby on site!

Camp Quality is a family cancer charity that brings optimism, resilience and happiness to the lives of families and children affected by cancer.

They provide programs that focus on education, performance, recreation, respite and play throughout primary schools, paediatric oncology wards, recreation venues and homes across Australia.

THE BEST BIT OF ALL??  (Apart from the fact that everything is completely free!)

Camp Quality believes LAUGHTER is the best medicine! (And for anyone reading this you will know who closely this resembles my own ethos on life!) I had an absolute ball!

It's a humbling and special experience to surround yourself with children who suffer such heartbreaking difficulties - and to watch them play, laugh and appear not to have a care in the world was an absolute joy!

So thank YOU Camp Quality for having me - lets do it again sometime!!

Visit to find out more about Camp Quality or to throw a donation their way - it's well and truly worth it!!

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