Thursday, January 15, 2015

You don't know you want to do this yet, but trust me, you SO do!

Self Care.

Something we hear a lot about, we know we should be doing, we put it off, not sure where to start, too busy...

Well here is the simple and blissful answer. THIS VIDEO! This girl is a self care genius. Here she has created herself an outlet for verbal and non-verbal self expression, emotional connection and release, confidence and increased sense of self, physical exercise, enhanced energy levels and most of all FUN!

This girl should be nominated for some kind of award - an Oscar maybe??? One day I hope! But for now I'll put up my hand and nominate her for OMMG Self Care Weapon of the Week!

So the takeaway message to this post is DO THIS! WHAT SHE DOES! (You know you want to!)

As your Registered Music Therapist I prescribe to you: 1 song of your choice, once a week (minimum). Trust me, you will feel GREAT!

(you don't have to record yourself btw!)

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