Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Aboriginal Easter!!

 Ever wondered why Easter is on a different date each year?

Well it's because Easter ALWAYS starts on the Friday of the first full moon after the equinox...

Now, if that isn't a Christian tradition embedded deeply in it's Pagan roots I don't know what is - So what better time to celebrate Easter and Mother Nature together!

This year I decided Easter would be a great time to help Maple learn a little of her Aboriginal heritage, so here is her Easter Treat - a nest full of aboriginal inspired painted eggs. I won't have to actually 'teach' her much - she'll ask the "why? why? why? why?" questions without too much prompting!

With lots of gratitude I'd like to thank my major sponsors for this project - My Garden, for literally throwing this nest at me out of a tree I was pruning a couple of weeks ago, the Mersey River, for the perfectly smooth, egg shaped rocks, Australia for her splendid colour scheme and our Aboriginal Ancestry for the inspiration.

Happy Easter from OMMG to all those who celebrate - We wish you much fun, family and dark, raw chocolate! xxx


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    1. Thanks Sonia - she loved them for a while and then she discovered the ones that have chocolate in them! haha


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