Friday, October 10, 2014

33 reasons why Making Mouth Noises is NOT just for kids...

Making mouth noises is NOT just for kids - easier and less embarrassing, yes - but just as therapeutic for grownups! Mouth noise games are absolute crackers! I played them on the weekend with kids at Camp Quality, I played them last year with carers at a palliatve care conference and I've played them with adults in clinical health settings. Here are a few reasons why...

Making mouth noises:
* Is an EXCELLENT self care technique
* Is something almost anyone can do - even those who don't speak.
* Is an outlet for verbal self expression
* Is a physical workout for the entire body
* Helps create confidence and break down self-consciousness
* Excellent for developing team-building dynamics
* Can be done in groups OR individually
* Puts participants out of their comfort zones
* Is an engaging and novel activity
* Almost certainly creates genuine laughter
* Can create genuine tears
* Provides clients with a tool they can use in the future
* Has the power to either stimulate or relax
* Validates emotions
* Requires no equipment, set-up or particular setting
* Communicating in 'no-language' has less expressive limitations than language.
* Can assist in clarifying emotions
* Has the potential to develop fine and gross motor coordination
* In a group setting creates a sense of equality and acceptance
* Is a great vocal warm up
* Brings out your inner child
* Can help develop the spiritual sense of community
* Is excellent for communicating to babies with
* Mimicking other's sounds makes them feel listened to.
* Helps clients learn more about their verbal abilities
* Is an activity everyone can succeed in
* Can be done in private (the shower, car, home alone etc.) 
* Requires no facilitation
* Allows you to let go
* Engages clients congitively and creatively 
* Helps express individuality
* Is appropriate for any age, culture, language, background, developmental ability...
* Is so much fun!

Not convinced? Have a go at a mouth noise game and see how you feel...

* One person choose an animal noise for the whole group to make together. The next person choose a different animal noise for the group to make together. Then the next person another etc. (actions more than welcome)
* Copy the above exercise but substitute animals with laughs (ie. The evil laugh, the santa clause, the witch, the giggling girt, the snort, the knee slapper, the gasp for breath, the hyena etc...
* Copy the above exercise but substitute laughs with human noises (ie. The burp, the sneeze, the whistle, the cough, the cry, the sigh, the tongue click, the teeth chatter, the squeal, the raspberry, the snore etc...)
* Copy the above exercise but substitute laughs with cries (ie. The sob, the weep, the hysterical, the sniffle, the wail etc...)

* Looking at the ground make the softest noise you can - any noise - it doesn't have to be the same as the rest of the group. Collectively make your noises louder and louder and bring your heads up until you're shouting your loudest possible noises at the sky.
* Look at the sky and shout your loudest, best feeling. (ie. I FEEL AMAZING!! I FEEL ALIVE!!! I FEEL BEAUTIFUL!!! I FEEL HAPPY!!!)
* Have a conversation completely in whispers.

* Have a conversation completely in silly noises (with eyebrows).
* Make funny mouth noises and create funny faces to match them.
* Making eye contact play the ultimate 'sibling game' of copying. (Oh the memories; "Stop copying me!" "Stop copying me!")

* Scream.
* Sigh.
* Moan.
* Sob.
* Keen.
* Pant.
Do these whenever you need and however you like.


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