Monday, October 6, 2014

One simple tool that EVERY NEW MUM should bookmark...

As my contribution to MENTAL HEALTH WEEK I thought I'd share this with you.

I was struggling somewhat a couple of weeks ago so I did the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale and got a score of 12 - quite a high score and not where I wanted to stay. Nonetheless getting this score was completely validating and allowed me to accept where I was at. I realised I needed to up my routine self care practices, work out a more 'me-based' daily structure and get my little support network to check in on me.

See what I just did there? With one honest and unashamed paragraph I helped validate and normalise the roller-coaster of being a Mum! And in a tiny but significant way helped break down the secrecy and stigma of discussing mental health.

If you resonate with this give the EPDS a go and see if it helps!

* The Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale has it's faults and shouldn't be used for any kind of self-diagnosis. In saying that it's a great tool to bookmark and doing it every couple of weeks can help you keep in touch with where you're at.

*Though this is a scale you complete with nurses both at the hospital and at your child health checkups you may score more honestly when doing it by yourself. (Us women have a tendency of scoring lower in front of the nurses as we want to appear as completely-in-control super mums!)

This is a FABULOUS music therapy based website that focuses specifically on postnatal depression.

* If you'd like some more detailed info on the EPDS I quite enjoyed this jovial explanation and you can also be linked to further resources from here.

This is a facebook community especially for women battling with the blues.

* You can go to your Child Health Nurse as often as you like (for free) and get them to help you with this and/or discuss it's implications with you.

* I just did it again and scored 4 :) Happy days!

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